The print circular has long been at the center of the retail marketing mix. It is the largest marketing expense for general merchandise retailers, and for years it has successfully driven store sales. However, as consumers spend more and more time online, their shopping behavior has moved online as well.

How does a retail marketer tap into this growing consumer appetite for digital retail? Is the circular still relevant as consumers shift to digital?What is the best way to design a circular?

Flipp’s Circular Best Practices Guide for General Merchandise retailers answers all of these questions and more. Download the guide to discover:

  • Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? The ideal circular frequency for general merchandise retailers based on circular readership data, plus the recommended number of pages
  • A profile of the general merchandise circular audience, with recommendations on how to best to reach these consumers through digital
  • Flipp’s circular design principles, with practical design tips on how to implement these principles in your circular
  • Specific recommendations on designing a circular to enhance experience in a digital format

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