Welcome to Flipp’s Culture and Service Awards Nomination Page

What are the Culture and Service Awards?

As a Flipper, you embody our cultural values and principles and understand that culture defines our organizational framework. It’s at the heart of who we are as individuals and as a collective team. The CSA’s were born from wanting to  celebrate individuals/teams across the organization who embody our cultural values and principles while delivering great work for the business. Now in its second year, this annual event allows us to celebrate YOU and brings us together (no matter how) for one incredible end of year celebration.

Why do we hold the Culture and Service Awards?

Our cultural values and principles are demonstrated day in and day out by Flippers, but not everyone gets a chance to see it. The Culture and Service Awards is your opportunity to recognize and celebrate your colleagues for making a difference and impact in your lives and your work.

Already know who you want to nominate, click the button below. Want to know a little bit more about the awards? Scroll down! 

Submission Guidelines

Use the guidelines below to choose your submission category!

Great submissions will include:

  • Which values and principles this person exhibited
  • Clear examples of what this person did
  • The results/impact that this person drove

CEO’s Choice

One of our principles is to #ActWithAnEntreprenurialSpirit. This principle is brought to life through a combination of courage, innovation, and risk taking in ideas, projects and work.

Community Contributor of the Year

New to 2021!

This award recognizes the Flipper who has gone above and beyond to contribute positively to their community (whether inside or outside of Flipp).

Lifetime Achievement

This special award celebrates and highlights the OG’s of Flipp. The ones who have been around for at least 1,825 days…or 5+ years.

Mentor of the Year

Is there someone that is constantly helping you and others be great by actively taking the time to invest and grow fellow colleagues through sharing knowledge, experiences and providing consistent guidance?

Mountain Mover

You can move mountains. Despite complexity and challenges, this individual or group has been able to achieve/exceed their targets through hard work, dedication and great leadership.

People’s Choice

Do you have a story about a Flipper that embodies and promotes our four cultural values (other-centered, humble, hungry, highly intelligent)?

Don’t you just love it when someone on your team gets mad props from a fellow colleague?

If your answer is an enthusiastic YES, then boy do we have a treat for you.

Now, you can submit a video shout out to tell your fellow Flippers just how awesome they are and we’ll feature it below! No win is too small and no shout out is too big. And hey, pass it along, don’t be shy. If you have a friend or parent who is SUPER PROUD of the work you do and they want to tell you and your colleagues, encourage them to submit a video too.