Nominations are now closed

Thank you Flippers for submitting your CSA nominations.

We received 100 phenomenal stories about 70 of our colleagues and friends.

We’ve narrowed down the list and want to send a HUGE congratulations to all our finalists. We are now in the process of selecting our winners who will be announced at our second annual Culture and Service Awards, on December 9. Be sure to tune in!

CEO’s Choice

Community Contributor of the Year

Lifetime Achievement

Mentor of the Year

Mountain Mover

People’s Choice

But wait, that’s not all.

We want to congratulate ALL of our nominees for your outstanding work and nominations.

Afra Yousaf

Alex Lee

Ali Rizvi

Allan Ascroft

Andrea Lo

Andrea Saari

Angad Singh

Ash Meneses-Barona

Brand Communications Team

Chevy Wong

Christina Tiffin

Content Comprehensiveness Team

CX Team (Shelby Sher and Ahleya Wilson)

Daniel Orner

Devavrat Sud

Digital Foundation & Storefront Enhancement teams - STEP

Elisa Giannone

Fiona Chan

Harm Deol

Hira Imran

Hyun Rha

Jenn Ross

Jennifer Hoang

Jonathas Dantas

Joseph Wong

Julia Burch

Justin Mai

Kaitlyn Morrison

Kim Fishman

Kim Sipkens

Konstantino Kapetaneas

Laura Zaghi

Mac Raagas

Mike Trnkus

Peter Doyle

Samantha Mills

Sean Casey

Shannon Way

Sunita Maharaj

Teepan Nanthakumar

Tracy Luong

Tyler Hamilton

UX Research Team - Mike Trnkus & Mac Raagas

Yao He

See you all on December 9, where we will celebrate another outstanding year at Flipp.