Flipp Tops Marc Saltzman's List of 10 "Must Have" Free Apps for Busy Parents

August 19, 2014 | Posted by Anne Morello

Flipp Tops Marc Saltzman's List of 10 "Must Have" Free Apps for Busy Parents

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Aug. 19, 2014)


Wishabi, a leading retail technology company who created the free digital flyer app Flipp, is pleased to announce that Flipp has topped tech expert Marc Saltzman's brand-new list of red hot - and free! - 'must have' apps.

"As a parent, most of our attention is on our kids -- especially in the last weeks of summer as we're prepping for another year of school. So it's time parents get a little love, too! If you own a smartphone or tablet, this list of awesome apps will help make life a lot easier and even a bit more fun -- and none of them will cost you a dime," says Marc Saltzman. "Whether you're looking to save money on purchases, stay organized or be entertained, I recommend these apps for any busy mom or dad.”

Note: Not all apps are available for all mobile platforms, therefore be sure to check with your favourite app store for specifics.



Consider it the ultimate flyer aggregator. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, simply use your fingertip to select what retailers matter to you - whether it's a supermarket, big box electronics store, clothing chain, and so on - and you'll be able to see the latest flyers that showcase new products and sales around you. Flip through flyer pages to see high-resolution images and text for all the items and if there's something you like, tap the product and it'll drop it into your "clipped" area which creates your shopping list. A handy "discount finder" lets you slide a bar left or right to only see deals by percentage off the full price (such as 5 to 50 percent off). Don't shop without Flipp. Download Flipp in iTunes and Google Play.


TuneIn Radio

Whether you're into music or talk, the free TuneIn Radio app gives you access to more than 100,000 radio stations from around the world - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, if you will - and all searchable by genre, country or popularity. Want local radio? No worries. Tap to see all the AM and FM stations in your area and tune in at home or on the go (even with album artwork). Alternatively, you can listen to Internet-only stations, as well as hundreds of thousands of new and archived podcasts. Bookmark your faves so you can return to them at any time.



Just like the website it's based upon, the Mint.com Personal Finance app helps you set budgets, track expenses and reach financial goals. This handy money management tool for smartphone, tablet and laptop/desktop users lets you see what you're spending (and saving) through colour-coded lists and graphs, plus you can track your bank account and credit card balances in real-time, follow investments and even break out your expenditures by category and receive alerts you when you've exceeded your budget. Owned by Intuit, the Mint.com app is also password-protected, therefore your data is safe even if your device is lost or stolen.



Available for multiple platforms, Flipboard might best be described as your own personalized, social magazine. Simply tap topics that matter to you and the app will fuse updates from top websites and blogs as well as fold in your friend's Facebook and Twitter profiles, including text and photos. Now you simply flip through it all like a glossy, colourful magazine (with video, too) - all tailored to you and you alone. If you like something you read or saw, share it with your social network or send it to someone via email.



Unless you've been living under a dusty 'ol rotary phone, you no doubt know Skype is an awesome way to communicate with those who matter, both near and far. It's free over Wi-Fi and uses video for a more meaningful conversation. Whether you're trying on clothes at the mall and want a friend's opinion via your smartphone's camera or simply chatting with family over a tablet or laptop, Skype is one of those must-have apps for staying connected (heck, you can now even Skype through a camera-enabled Smart TV, too). While Skype works great for iOS users, those who own an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch might also consider the similar FaceTime app for video calling.



Craving some sushi? Need to find a gift for a finicky nephew? Car almost out of gas? Yelp is here to help. Available for free on most platforms, Yelp helps you find businesses near you, via your smartphone's GPS, and lets you read reviews from others before you go. Narrow your searches by neighbourhood, distance and price; make restaurant reservations on OpenTable from within the app; and "check-in" to let Facebook friends or Twitter followers know where you are. An "augmented reality" feature lets you hold up your smartphone's camera to see business information overlaid on top of the world around you.



Available for multiple platforms, the free Evernote -- here for iOS, here for Android, here for Windows Phone and here for BlackBerry -- is a handy app for typing notes, sketching diagrams (think restaurant napkin), copying websites, pasting photos and recording audio on, say, a billion dollar idea you want to archive on your smartphone. All notes automatically sync to the web and/or desktop version of Evernote, so it's easy to access your information anywhere. Evernote can even take a picture of book or magazine text and convert it to text; this is a great way to save receipts and business cards and make it searchable by keyword.



From the "duh" department, if you're an avid Facebook user then remember you aren't limited to accessing your account on a personal computer. Available on all major platforms, the official Facebook app lets you read or post status updates; view events, invites and news feeds; chat via the complimentary Facebook Messenger app (even with free calls over Wi-Fi); view, post and tag photos; and of course "checking in" at locations to share where you're at for comments, suggestions or visitations.



You've heard of the "cloud," but perhaps aren't sure why you need it. Sound familiar? OneDrive is a free app from Microsoft that lets you upload all your files to protect them from local threats like damage and theft. In fact, you can set it so every time you take a photo with your phone, it's saving it to your password-protected locker in the sky. You can also access content stored on your OneDrive, too, such as streaming a movie to your phone, tablet or computer - as if it was stored locally - when it fact it's not. Once you create a free OneDrive account, you can upload, access and share your digital "stuff" from virtually any Internet-connected device in the world.


Food Network in the Kitchen

If you spend a lot of time with Guy Fieri, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay on the boob tube, why not take these chefs into your kitchen via your iPad or Android tablet? The official Food Network in the Kitchen app serves up more than 50,000 recipes for you to flip through. All recipes are divided by cuisine (Mexican, Italian, Asian, and so on), by type of food (such as chicken), by show and host, and other categories (brunch, side dishes, comfort food, and so on). Each recipe has a full list of ingredients and directions, photos or videos, total time (prep and cook), yield (number of servings), suggested difficulty level and area for you to make notes.


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