Flipp helps retailers, brands, and publishers move from Ads people actively avoid to Experiences people actively seek out.

The Flipp Shopper Consideration Platform is an end-to-end platform that allows retailers, brands, and publishers to deliver shopper preferred digital shopping experiences to millions across North America.

For Retailers

The Flipp Shopper Consideration Platform offers technology to help retailers win the consideration phase of the shopping journey.

Flipp allows retailers to deliver shopping experiences to millions of households across North America each week.

Flipp’s technology drives down the costs of digital savings content curation and distribution to nearly zero. We believe retailers should only pay when a shopper engages. This means better ROI, more trips to store, more trade investment, and higher baskets.

For Brands

Are you moving shoppers from brand awareness to conversion?

The Flipp Shopper Consideration Platform helps brands fill in the “missing middle” in their path-to-purchase strategies. Our technology fuses multi-retailer, local savings & deal content with brand benefit assets into experiences that shoppers prefer.

Flipp’s ability to distribute brand shopping experiences to millions of shoppers allows brands to drive trade in, trade up, and trade across at scale.

For Publishers

Why settle for Ads people dislike when you can offer compelling digital shopping content that drives higher RPMs and better user satisfaction?

Flipp offers a suite of code-on-site tools that allow publishers to offer rich, local shopping experiences that shoppers love. This means higher revenue, lower bounce rates, and higher user satisfaction.

It’s time to move from Ads to Experiences.

Learn how to enhance your sales and promotional story with Flipp today.