For Publishers

Drive consideration and discovery.

Our Shopper Engagement Platform enables media partners to showcase a high quality shopper experience that drives sustainable high RPM revenue generation.

Here’s how:

High Quality Shopper Experiences:

Flipp shopper experiences combine the best of retailer storytelling and personalized content to provide shoppers with high quality shopping experiences that drive high time on site and engagement.

Sustainable High RPM Revenue Generation:

Flipp’s retailer content is sought out and is considered the highest quality advertising that shoppers actively seek out. With our engagement platforms, we’re giving publishers athe opportunity to dramatically increase their revenue per thousand (RPM).

No Channel Conflict with Sales Teams:

Retailers invest with Flipp through their trade and shopper marketing programs which are distinct and separate from digital advertising budgets received through direct sales teams. Publishers gain new revenue streams which are unique and exclusively provided by Flipp.

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