Flipp Partners with Adsta to Expand Advertising Opportunities for CPG Brands

Toronto, Canada, June 2024 – Flipp Operations Inc. is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Adsta, a premier ad network for consumer packaged goods (CPGs) in the United States. This collaboration will open Flipp’s extensive high-intent app inventory for Adsta, allowing CPG brands to reach millions of highly active and engaged shoppers while they plan shopping trips, with integrated campaigns.

Empowering CPG Brands to Reach Engaged Shoppers

As the retail landscape evolves, reaching consumers where they shop has become increasingly challenging. This partnership addresses that challenge by enabling CPG brands to leverage Flipp’s platform, which is trusted by millions of shoppers for discovering deals and planning their weekly shopping. Adsta’s expertise in connecting CPG brands with effective advertising solutions will now include access to Flipp’s user base of active head of household shoppers.

Uniting Two Leaders in Digital Advertising

Adsta has a strong track record of connecting CPG brands with effective advertising strategies that drive engagement and in-store sales. Flipp’s mission to help shoppers make smarter decisions by providing a comprehensive digital merchandising engine aligns perfectly with Adsta’s goal of delivering impactful ad solutions. Together, this partnership enhances the ability of CPG brands to connect with consumers in meaningful ways and shape demand.

Comments from Leadership

“We are excited to partner with Adsta to provide CPG brands with unprecedented access to our engaged shopper base,” said Garrett Royds, Senior Vice President – Business Development & Partnerships at Flipp. “This collaboration enhances the value we offer to both retailers and consumers, bridging the gap between great products and the shoppers who need them.”
Shawn Tuckett, Cofounder of Adsta, added, “Our partnership with Flipp represents a significant step forward in our mission to deliver powerful advertising solutions for CPG brands. By integrating with Flipp’s platform, we can offer our clients unparalleled reach and engagement, driving better results for their campaigns.”

About the Partnership

The partnership will see Adsta utilizing Flipp’s app inventory as part of their broader campaign strategies, providing CPG brands with the opportunity to connect with millions of users who rely on Flipp for their shopping needs. This collaboration is set to create a more dynamic and effective advertising ecosystem, benefiting brands and consumers alike.

About Flipp Operations Inc.

Founded in 2007, Flipp is a technology platform that is reinventing the way people plan their weekly shopping trips. The largest retailers and brands in North America use the Flipp Platform to create, curate, and distribute digital visual merchandising experiences and savings content to over 100 million high intent shoppers. Households use Flipp as their primary weekly shopping tool to decide what to buy and where to buy. On average, Flipp helps shoppers save $45 on their weekly groceries, home improvement goods, electronics, pharmacy, apparel, pet supplies, and more. For more information, visit corp.flipp.com.

About Adsta

Adsta is a leading onsite retail media network specializing in connecting consumer packaged goods brands with effective grocery advertising solutions in the United States. Through its extensive network and innovative strategies, Adsta helps CPG brands reach their target audiences, grocery shoppers in grocery buying mode, driving engagement and sales. For more information, visit Adsta.

For further information, please contact:

Shawn Tuckett, Principal

Cam Hoernke, Account Director