Onboarding FAQ

[Flipp Lite] How quickly will my ad be live on Flipp once it’s available on my website?

  • Once the ad becomes available on your website, our system will detect it and add it to the Flipp Platform. This process could take up to 24 hours.

[Flipp Lite] I changed my website, who should I inform? Will my content still be able to be scraped? 

  • Our system automatically detects your ad using your website url. It is crucial that the team informs Flipp of any changes to the url to ensure no downtime of your content on the Flipp Platform. If your url does change, please provide the new url to Flipp via inquires@flipp.com.

[Flipp Lite] I changed my live flyer, who should I inform?

  • If you changed For all other inquiries, please reach out to inquires@flipp.com. When sending our team an email, please clearly indicate your company name and reason for contacting us.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What happens if I send assets or an inquiry to your team after business hours?

  • Your request will be looked at the next business day
  • Please refer to the Flipp Timelines document for more information.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] How do I make a change to my ad after it is live?

  • Please reach out to your dedicated Operations team for any changes required. They will confirm the turnaround times for your requests based on capacity, resources and type of change. Only Flipp Plus users will receive page revisions.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What if I have an urgent revision that needs to be made to my ad?

  • Please reach out to your dedicated Operations team for any urgent changes. Only Flipp Plus users will receive page revisions.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] How come the images in my item pop look like screenshots?

  • We were unable to extract a clean high resolution image from the pdf that you sent us, so we had to resort to a cutout of the image
  • It is important to send us high resolution layered pdfs

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Can I have multiple items show up in the item pop?

  • Unfortunately we do not have this capability at this time. Multi-items will appear in the description of the item pop

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What if a user’s location falls in between two stores, what version do they see?

  • The user will be served the version that is closest to them based on their geolocation

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] We recently opened up a new store. Why can’t I see our ad being served there?

  • Anytime a new store is opened, this information must be provided to your dedicated Operations team in order to add to our system and have the ad distributed there

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Can we have a different radius per store?

  • Each store is unable to have a different radius. The same radius must be applied to all stores. Please reach out to your dedicated Operations team to discuss possibilities on changing the radius.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What happens to my ad after 31 days?

  • The ad will be taken off from Flipp, but will remain on your website if you have the ad integrated

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What makes an item shoppable?

  • Any item with a price offer or sales story

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Who do I contact if I am unsure of my content meeting your Content Policy?

  • Please reach out to your dedicated Operations team with specific questions

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Can we provide additional information to include in the item pop?

  • No, all information that is found in the item pop will be pulled directly from the pdfs provided

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Am I able to have a preview of the ad?

  • Yes, if you are a Flipp Basic or Flipp Plus user and are able to provide a minimum of 6 business days, you will be given a 1 business day preview.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Do I need to create a subdomain?

  • Although a subdomain isn’t necessary, we recommend creating one to allow for the best user experience. Creating a subdomain helps to stop the iFrame from being blocked by ad blockers.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Do I need an SSL Certificate?

  • If you created a subdomain, and your website is secure, you will need to provide us with an SSL certificate. By default, most browsers will stop a secure site from loading insecure resources. In order to load iframe.js over HTTPS, we have to have an SSL certificate for that domain on our servers.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Can you use our wildcard certificate?

  • Our preference is to not install wildcard certificates. Installing your wildcard certificate entails providing us with the private key used to encrypt your site and sharing this is not a good practise.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] Why isn’t the flyer loading on my website?

  • If the iFrame is present, but there is no available content the most likely reason is that the content is not set to be available. In this case, reach out and we will be able to make it available.
  • If the iFrame is not present there is likely a misconfiguration in the integration code. Open your browser’s developer console and check for any error messages there. Check to make sure that you have substituted in your correct retailerName value in the integration script, and that the <script src> is pointing to subdomain you created (or to circularhub.com if you are not using a custom subdomain). If everything looks correct, reach out and we will be able to assist.

[Flipp Basic and Flipp Plus] What IP address(es) should I point my subdomain to?

  • Because the IP address of circularhub.com might change over time, the best practise is to simply CNAME the subdomain you’ve created to circularhub.com

[Flipp Plus] Can I make changes to the look and feel of the flyer?

  • Many aspects of the flyer experience can be customized to suit your site. Reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind and we can explore setting this up.