Video Integration (Flipp Plus)


Videos are a great option to add more interactive content and enrich the story that you are trying to tell with each publication. 

Flipp offers two types of videos that you can have in your publication: Standalone Videos and Inline videos. See below for more details. Your dedicated Operations team can always provide a recommendation on which option is best for your publication.

As always, Flipp will do all of the heavy lifting of making the video interactive on the publication. All we require from you is the video itself and a thumbnail on the publication (more details below). 

Standalone Videos

Standalone videos will play within it’s own item pop within the ad experience. 

As shown in the example below, as users are moving throughout the ad, users will click to play and the video will open up in it’s own pop-up, without the users having to leave the ad.

This advantage of this option is that it is consistent across all platforms (Flipp app, Flipp web and your website). 

  • Mp4 or YouTube link (public video)

Inline Video

Inline videos play directly within the publication and do not open up in it’s own pop-up. There is also the option with inline videos to autoplay as the user lands on the video. 

As shown in the example below, as the user scrolls throughout the ad and lands on the video thumbnail the video will begin playing automatically.

This is a great option for publications that appear on hosted only as a way to showcase interactive content directly in the publication. 

On Flipp app and Flipp web, this option will work as a standalone video where the video will appear in its own item pop.

  • Mp4 file (max file size: 20mb)

Video Integration Best Practices

Asset Delivery
  • Video assets are provided at the same time when we receive publication assets 
  • If sending us a Mp4, please drop the file into the FTP with PDF assets
  • Page & location of video indicated to Flipp
Video Content
  • One video per page is recommended
    • Prevents overcrowding the publication
  • No overlapping videos with products
    • Ensures that the user is able to properly clip the item
    • Prevents any confusion from the user
    • Ensures the user is able to interact with both the item and video separately
  • Thumbnail of the video on the PDF page includes a play button or call to action so that it is obvious to the user that a video is available 
video 1
video 2