Our definition of culture extends beyond simply the workplace environment, and this is critical for building leaders and sustaining our business.

Challenging Work, Challenge Everything

We believe in experimenting and solving big problems. Everything that our team does impacts the business in a big way - from Engineering and Business Development, to Marketing and Operations. We love challenging the norm and inventing and testing new ways to do things. We focus on reinvention, which means that we challenge ourselves to look at problems in new ways, find new solutions, and improve on these solutions.

Open Communication & Trust

Step inside our office and you’ll quickly see that Flipp is unlike a typical corporation. Trust is at the core of Flipp’s culture, and we work together as a team toward common goals. We have a flat organizational structure that helps us focus on doing what’s best for the business and the team. We know that life and work are intertwined, and we believe in giving our team flexibility to coordinate their priorities, their way. Need to work from home or leave for a mid-day appointment? No problem.

Growth & Mentorship

We believe in fostering growth and mentorship; in fact, growth is one of Flipp’s pillars, because growth is a critical part of reinvention. It’s not just about moving up the ladder or gaining professional skills, however. We strive for our team to attain fulfilment in all aspects of their lives. Flipp provides opportunities that will allow team members to get involved with that help them grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

What's the Office Like?

It’s a pretty awesome space. Our office plays a critical role in our culture. The open spaces allow us to communicate and collaborate with many different departments and teams. We don’t have cubicles or offices, but we do have small breakout rooms that the team uses for meetings or a quiet space to work. We love our fantastic kitchen that allows us to eat together like a big family, and the games area where we can take breaks and have fun.

We have a few important principles that guide how we operate and help us determine who will be a great addition to our team. While we don't really like making formal processes, we do hold our principles at the center of everything we do. They help guide us on decisions both big and small.

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Business Principles

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Team First
Picture some of the most exciting times in your life... Most likely, part of what made it amazing was the fact that you had incredible people surrounding you. That feeling is what we seek to create every day at Flipp. We believe that the biggest problems in life can be solved when you get amazing, smart, and humble people working together - challenging each other, and spurring each other on. Our working style is unique; we use the concept of homothumadon, meaning we rush towards a common goal in unison.

Continuous Reinvention Icon

Continuous Reinvention
You’ve probably heard the idiom “Change is the only constant”. We believe the only way to succeed in an environment where change is guaranteed is to continually reinvent oneself. We empower our team with ownership and responsibility, the freedom to take risks, challenge conventions, and the ability to ask questions in a supportive environment. That also means that team members must reinvent based on the knowledge they gain from these experiences.

Continuous Reinvention Icon

Growth of Others
We believe that growth is critical not only to our professional performance, but also for overall fulfillment as people. It's not just about personal growth; in fact, we believe that focusing on others is the single largest factor in long-term happiness. How we all help each other grow, how we care for our family and community, and how we invest in one another – this is what truly makes us successful in business and as individuals. At Flipp, every team member provides mentorship or coaching to others in one form or another. Maybe it’s helping someone solve technical problems, maybe it’s teaching someone how to communicate better, or perhaps just helping someone do a good bench press at the gym.

Individual Principles

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Some call it passion, others call it a desire to win. We call it Hunger. Our team is hungry to do the next big thing, and this hunger is what drives us. We are self-motivated, proactive, and have the unfaltering determination to do whatever it takes to win. This drive pushes us to accomplish goals and achieve results far beyond the norm. We take action instead of becoming caught up in talk and indecision, and we think that it's exciting to work with a team that accomplishes goals and gets things done.

Two Star Dragonball

It's easy to get caught up in success, but we believe that focusing on past successes can make us blind to new opportunities. Past performance doesn’t predict future wins, and therefore staying humble is critical to our success as individuals and as a team. We are happy to celebrate and recognize each other for achieving goals, but we always refocus on achieving our next goal. We see this as a key strength that empowers us to never under-estimate our competition or get ahead of ourselves.

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Highly Intelligent
In order to continue to progress at a rapid pace, we need the smartest and most talented people. We look for people who are knowledgeable in their field, and who possess the ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes. We feel privileged to be working with a group of such smart people, and it means that we are constantly challenging each other to grow and learn.

Every day we invest in our culture, and it is an honour to receive industry recognition for the environment we have created. Winning these awards were proud moments for our team, as they show that the investments we have made in building a great culture have paid off.

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