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We help people make smarter shopping decisions by working with autonomy and accountability. Together, we make a difference.

About Our Culture
"I've seen success in my career, without having to compromise my values or who I am"
Core Essence
Cultural Values

They’re a representation of who we are as individuals and as an organization.


Thinking about others before thinking about yourself.


Ambitious, resourceful, and are never satisfied with the status quo.


Confident in your skills, but knowing there’s always room for improvement.

Highly Intelligent

Adding value… emotionally and intellectually.

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Benefits & Perks

There are so many great reasons to join Flipp. Here are a few!

Unity Statement
Maintain a brave and welcoming space for all Flippers, of every background, to bring their whole selves to work with confidence.

We are not the only ones who think our culture is great!

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Rana Soliman
Hareem Shahzad
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Hareem Shahzad

“I love working at Flipp because of the sense of community. There is a genuine care and commitment to your growth, not just as a professional, but as a person.”

Rana Soliman

“Working at Flipp gives me the opportunity to team up with dedicated folks who all rally towards one mission. There’s passion towards willingly helping each other be great, and in how we genuinely celebrate the uniqueness that each person brings to the table. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that makes every day feel like a rewarding journey!”